Monday, August 23, 2010

The Art of the Kiss

It is not merely the pressing of one’s lips onto an object.
It is an intimate invitation of physical bonding and seduction shared through your mouth.

A kiss should never be fast.
It can be short and to the point, but never abrupt.
It is not to be rushed through or engaged in half heartedly.
Like all acts of true intimacy, it should not be faked or given begrudgingly.

The art of kissing begins with the approach.
With tilted heads, never nose to nose.
Draw close together and gently allow your lips to meet.

Tongue and lips are used to explore, to tease, to taste, to dance, to share and to connect.
The exchange should be total and complete in and of itself.
Kiss as if it was the closest physical exchange you can have between you.
As if it was your encounter with the goodness and pure pleasure of God.

Pretend, if you will, that there was no, and would not be, any other sexual experience between you.
This is your only time and opportunity to connect to each other, so you have to make the most of it.
You have to make her want you, want more of you, want more from you.

Take in the taste of her, the feel of her, and the warmth of her moist, eager lips.
Feel her tremble with excitement, make her tremble from the excitement, never give her enough.
Only share enough with her to make her desire more, to never be totally done, but strangely satisfied in her wanting.

Take her head in your hands as you devote your attention to her lips.
Allow yourself to violate her space and make it your own.
Step into her aura and become captivated in the moment.

That is the art of the kiss.
Tongues dancing together and competing against each other, bodies in contact but not fully connected. The art is the practice of giving and receiving, wanting and fulfilling, starting and stopping with lust and desire as the mortar and separator of not just your lips, but of your soul.

Copyright © 2009 My Mischievous Works

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Without A Word

I love the conversations we have when no one is talking.

Like when I'm sitting on your lap, facing you, and we're kissing and touching
When you let me caress your face, forehead, eye brows, cheeks, and then lips ever so gently with my fingertips.
I love looking into your eyes, and observing your every reaction.
Patiently, I await my signal to turn up the passion.

I lick my lips for effect and to prepare them for touching more of you.
I lean in, but stop just before our connection; pausing to absorb the moment.
The tension of our shared desire alone gets me wet.

But the power and control you allow me to have is what fuels my imagination.
Barely touching your lips to mine, I take them in; only giving you enough to want more.
The feel of your powerful erection brings me back.

I trace your lips with my tongue.
And kiss on them, first individually, and then as a pair.
Nibbling your chin and sucking your neck; each and every touch conveys its own story.

Once you grab my behind, I know that it’s time and my teasing must come to an end.

Baby, I know exactly what to do, and how to do it.
I love to make you want me and love more the way you do!
Without speaking a word but saying so much; this is my favorite way to have conversations with you.

Copyright © 2009 My Mischievous Works

Friday, April 30, 2010

Amber Waters

On a dare, I made my way from the safety of my home over to the pool that was just outside of my gate; disrobing along the way. I walked over, and put my toe in, to see how it felt. And it felt good, and I was surprised by its familiarity. So I jumped in and submerged myself completely. I stayed deep enough in to only allow my head and shoulders to feel the breeze and warmth of the setting sun.

I floated on my back, breasts exposed, and I swam a few laps showing off my full hips and behind. And I enjoyed being myself, being free, being naked, and unveiling myself. And yes, I was aware of my stretch marks, and cellulite and all of the other things that make me uniquely me, and human, and imperfect, and beautiful in my own right. And as I was feeling myself and enjoying my time, I realized that she was there, watching me.

Did she like what she was seeing? Why was there a look of perplexion on her face? “Darling, why do you limit yourself to this little pool?” she asked. “What do you mean? Here I am free and comfortable being me. Is this not where I should be?” I questioned. “My dear, here, you still swim in fear when you need to claim what is yours by name! Don’t limit yourself to this pool. Find the ocean and set yourself free.” she answered.

And I smiled, because I knew exactly what she meant. I climbed out of the water, gathered my clothes and went home. There, I collected my things, called a few friends, and drove out to the sea. Like all of my previous accomplishments, I brought others along. If I have, then they have, and so we are never truly without. And once there, we stripped ourselves of everything that had ever held us back. And we ventured into the water underneath the moonlight!

And it was perfect, and it was peace, because He was there with me. And I swam, and I played, and I frolicked in the water. And waves kept rolling in; bringing love and taking it back out, to sea. You are my ocean, and in your love and support I am able to once again, be me!

Copyright © 2010 My Mischievous Works